The waters of Mar Menor are interior and protected from storms and strong currents, which has created a unique ecosystem and very good condition for the practice of various activities.

The environment of Mar Menor allows to enjoy wonderful and interesting routes so that visitors get to know this region, while devoting their time to active leisure.


Diving, Sailing, Kitesurf, Windsurf

The Mar Menor, due to its calmness, its cleanliness and the favorable climate, is the best scenario to practice water sports safely.

Diving under the waters of the Murcia coast can be as interesting for beginners as for experts. It has one of the most important ecosystems in Spain, besides a boat cemetery. The most relevant diving points are: Punta de Algas, Carbonero, Piedras Blancas, Cabo de Palos, Islas Hormigas, La Laja, El Farallón, Bajo de Fuera, Bajo el Mosquito, Bajo de Dentro, Bajo de Piles y Naranjito.

The Mar Menor is also the ideal place to learn sailing, as it is only 7 meters deep and, as it is part of a microclimate, the water is always warm.

It is possible to sail 365 days a year and on any kind of craft, furthermore, Latin sail yacht races are still practiced.

For kitesurf lovers there are some very appropriate spots like: La Llana, with northern and eastern winds; Los Molinos, very suitable for freestyle; Los Narejos, with south-western wind, ideal for free-riders, and Calblanque, located in the middle of a natural park by the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mar Menor is, without question, what makes Murcia different in terms of Windsurf. It is always accessible, navigable and with all kind of winds. As it is a lagoon which receives thermal winds in summer, it is the best option for those inexperienced ones and those who prefer sailing in a quieter way.



A sport enjoyed by many who visit the Mar Menor is kayaking. The Mar Menor is ideal both for beginner kayakers and professionals: beginners cannot get lost in the open sea, as the Mar Menor has 5 islands.

And it is separated from the Mediterranean by the strip of La Manga del Mar Menor. And professionals have many miles to train in a unique setting. For the more adventurous remains the exit to the Mediterranean Sea through one of the two channels, Marchamalo or El Estacio.