The water of the Mar Menor is totally different from the Mediterranean, its salinity and its wealth in minerals. They are historically known therapeutic properties of these waters, especially skin problems and rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

The Mar Menor supplies the Salinas Regional Park of San Pedro del Pinatar, in ponds of Las Salinas, water evaporation, undergoes a concentration that makes multiply its therapeutic properties.

According to professors at the University of Murcia, water Las Salinas del Mar Menor, is the only one in like the Dead Sea world.

Hotel Lodomar has a Thalassotherapy Center, enrolled in Health as Rheumatic Center, the only indoor pool heated to 35 degrees, the water is extracted directly from Las Salinas del Mar Menor. Based on these very exclusive waters, combined in many cases with Lodos del Mar Menor, we apply a series of targeted therapies to diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia with excellent results.


Regulates heart function, reduces pressure
blood, necessary for normal fluid balance, essential for
the normal function of nerve and muscle function, participates in the
formation of glycogen (muscle fuel) and helps the lungs to remove
carbon dioxide.



It is a natural tranquilizer that keeps the
energy balance in neurons and acts on nerve transmission, cure
osteoarthritis due to uric acid, it negates the senile tremor, vanishes
intellectual exhaustion, it prevents kidney stones, acts on the
neurological system favoring sleep and relaxation, among others ...


They act on the skin, especially if present with
important flaking skin (psoriasis, epiteliomas, dermatitis, herpes,
skin cracks, skin tumors, ulcers with pus). processes
chronic inflammatory mucosal level, especially if present with secretions
yellowed. Trends in polyp formation.


Involved in skin problems (acne surface,
dry skin, dermatitis, cleft lip, herpes), diseases of the
mucous. At the junction of sodium chloride (Natrium mur, salt
common), useful both processes that occur with dry mucous membranes and
processes that occur with excess fluid (edema, etc.).